Kesher   -  Temple Beth Israel’s Extended Community

Kesher in Hebrew means connection—knots—linkage.  For Temple Beth Israel, it means a way to maintain a community relationship for those former members, friends, relatives, and supporters who live outside Eugene and can manage only occasional returns to a congregation they still regard as home.

Those who wish to maintain a close personal relationship at a long geographical distance are welcomed as members of TBI’s Kesher circle. 

Your contribution will bring you the TBI newsletter, membership directory, access to the Kesher social network group, and continuing opportunities to keep in touch with the people and activities that make this community so vital and unique.

Proposed Annual Gift:

  • $360 per household per year suggested. Minimum gift $72.00 per year.
  • Free membership while a full-time college student.


  • Membership Directory
  • Inclusion in Membership Directory with special Kesher notation
  • Newsletter
  • Weekly E-News
  • Yahrzeit notifications (via email)
  • Social Network Group on TBI’s Social Network & Website
  • High Holy Day Tickets for TBI’s services
  • High Holy Day reciprocity letters for full-time college students to synagogues in their area


  • Live at least 150 miles from Eugene/Springfield.
  • Connected to TBI through…being a former member; being a family member of a member or former member
  • By special request to a TBI Rabbi or the Executive Director.

Members: 4
Latest Activity: Jan 2, 2013

Welcome to TBI!

Temple Beth Israel is the Center for Jewish Life in Eugene, embracing traditional wisdom with contemporary insight.

We promote the spiritual, educational, and social well-being of our members, the Jewish people of Lane County, and the larger community.  TBI is a member of the Jewish Reconstructionist Communities and of the Community of Welcoming Congregations (CWC).

We welcome people of all Jewish backgrounds, interfaith families and people exploring Judaism.  Whether you are religious, cultural, atheist, agnostic or searching, there is a place for you at TBI!

Temple Beth Israel
1175 E. 29th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97403


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