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Temple Beth Israel provides a range of Jewish cultural and educational experiences. Programs and classes are open to all and we welcome students from within TBI and from the larger community.

General Information:

  • Registration: Please check individual program listings for details.
  • Programs scheduled on Shabbat: Fees and donations for programs scheduled on Shabbat must be paid in advance or after Shabbat. We will not collect money on Shabbat.
  • Refunds: No refunds will be given to participants who drop classes after the registration deadline. If classes or events are cancelled due to lack of enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances, full refunds will be given to pre- paid registrants.
  • All programs meet at Temple Beth Israel, 1175 E. 29th Ave., Eugene unless otherwise noted.

If you are interested in joining the Community Education Committee, or have ideas for teaching or a class offering, please contact Nina Korican.

Ongoing classes and events are listed here

Musical Havdalah with Rabbi Ruhi Sophia Motzkin Rubenstein 

April 14 8:00 pm

Join Rabbi Ruhi Sophia for meditative singing and chanting as Shabbat wanes, followed by a Havdalah service to mark the conclusion of Shabbat. 

FREE: Donations gratefully accepted after Havdalah. 

Learn with the Rabbi Greatest Hits from Jewish Sources

12:00 pm at TBI   April 13

FREE; Donations gratefully accepted

Join Rabbi Ruhi Sophia for a close reading and discussion of a story from the Talmud and other traditional Jewish sources. Set aside an hour of your day to learn with Rabbi Ruhi Sophia at TBI. Please feel free to bring a lunch. Please no meat or shellfish.

Reading with the Rabbi  Free. Donations gratefully accepted

Join Rabbi Ruhi Sophia for a spirited discussion of a relevant contemporary issue, as informed by a work of non-fiction chosen by the rabbi. Everyone is welcome! Each meeting will stand alone, so feel free to come only when you are particularly interested in the topic. If you only had time to read a review, you are still welcome to observe the discussion. This is not a ‘club’ but a dynamic group of people who love books, reading, discussions, and expressing strong opinions.

April 16, 2:00 pm The Movement for Black Lives Platform – Download the reading material here.

The Israel Program Task Force presents Understanding the Israeli Political Landscape with Diane Baxter

Thursday, April 20th - 7:00 pm

Free. Donations gratefully accepted

Ever read about Israeli politics and feel like you’re trying to follow a foreign sport, the rules of which you don’t know? You’re not alone. The Israeli political system is structured differently than ours - people vote for parties rather than individuals, the government is made up by a coalition of different parties, and there’s no separation of powers between government administration and the ruling parties in the Knesset.
Join Dr. Diane Baxter -- TBI member and Senior Lecturer in the UO Department of Anthropology and the Law School’s Conflict Resolution Program -- for a presentation on understanding the Israeli political landscape. Diane has spent decades studying both Israeli and Palestinian politics, and is the UO’s leading scholar on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  
This talk will is designed to make Israeli politics intelligible to beginners -- describing who the major parties are, what issues or social groups drive their supporters, and what are the major political tensions likely to define the next elections.

TBI Sisterhood and Community Education Committee present The Dachau Letters with Clarice Wilsey

Sunday, April 23rd - 5:00 pm

Free. Donations gratefully accepted

Clarice Wilsey is the daughter of David B. Wilsey, M.D. who was one of 27 physicians that provided over a month of medical care after the liberation of Dachau Concentration Camp. Upon the death of her parents, she found over 300 letters documenting in graphic detail his war experience in the front lines of France and Germany and Dachau. In honor of Yom HaShoah, Clarice will share excerpts of her father’s letters. The presentation will be followed by a Yom HaShoah commemorative service at 6:30pm.

The Safety Committee presents Prepare! Presentation with the Red Cross

Sunday, April 30th - 9:30 am

Free. Donations gratefully accepted

The Safety Committee, in conjunction with the American Red Cross Cascades Region chapter, presents Prepare! - the program created by the Red Cross to save lives and livelihoods by preparing individuals, families, schools, businesses, and entire communities to bounce back from disasters including wildfire, flood, severe storm, and even a catastrophic earthquake. Learn how to put together an emergency kit so you and your family are as prepared as possible!

The Israel Program Task Force presents Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebration

Wednesday, May 3rd - Time & Details TBD

The Israel Program Task Force presents Dare I Call You Cousin?

May 12th - 21st

Dare I Call You Cousin? is an exhibition of photos, poems, and videos about Israel’s West Bank settlements. A collaboration by  Portland poet Frances Payne Adler, Jerusalem photographer Michael Fattal, and Tel Aviv videographer Yossi Yacov, the exhibit uses images and individual stories to create “breathing space” for varied perspectives.  It  was first launched in 2016 at Havurah Shalom in Portland.

Professor  Paul Slovic will inaugurate TBI’s showing with an informal address to congregants at Shabbat services May 12.  Selected videos will be screened in the library at 7:00 pm on May 15, followed by a structured community discussion.  

TBI Sisterhood presents “Ahead of Time” Film Showing

Thursday, May 18th - 7:00 pm

Free. Donations gratefully accepted.

Join us to view “Ahead of Time”, which tells Ruth Gruber’s incredible life story. This Jewish woman did it all - from exploring the Soviet Arctic to a secret war-time mission escorting Holocaust refugees, from tea with Virginia Woolf to attending the Nuremberg Trials, Ruth Gruber was always ahead of her time.

Tikkun Leil Shavout

Tuesday, May 30th - Time & Details TBD

Jewish Literature Group - 7:00 pm

FREE; Donations gratefully accepted

April 24th: The Deadliest Hate by June Trop
May 25th: Moonglow by Michael Chabon
June 29th: Visible City by Tova Mirvis

Other Events and Summer Preview

May 5 – 7: Pacific NW Shabbaton M’Yad L’Yad: From Hand to Hand — The Chain of Our Tradition

May 21st: Mitzvah Day

June 4th: TBI Dream Auction - The Adventure Begins


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