New Member Facts

The following are some of the questions that come up most frequently in discussions with new TBI members and potential members. If you would like to ask (or suggest) a question for this list, please email it to Please mention the online FAQ list in your email.


  • What is Reconstructionism?
  • What's our relationship with the Reconstrucionist movement, in terms of our obligations to them and services available from them?

Ritual Questions

  • How will my non-Jewish family members be included in lifecycle events?
  • How much Hebrew do I have to know to take part in the services?

TBI's Kitchen and Food

  • How does the TBI kitchen work?
  • What kinds of foods are OK to bring to the Oneg?

School and Children

  • Are my young children welcome at services? What behavior standards are there for children in the sanctuary?
  • What are the teachers in the religious school like? What are their credentials? Do they have an annual review, like public school teachers?
  • What can I do to improve my child's experience in the religious school?
  • Does TBI have any resources for helping my children deal with anti-Semitism from other children?


  • What resources/events are there for seniors?
  • Are there people who help elderly members get to services?

Social and Community Life

  • Are there other members like me, and how do I find them?
  • I have an idea for an event – who do I talk with to make it happen?


  • Where does my dues money go?
  • What's expected of me, as a member? Are there obligations besides paying my dues?
  • Who do I talk with if I have a problem that requires pastoral services?
  • What services are available to me, as a member?
  • Who do I call if I, or a family member, am in the hospital?

Organization and Governance

  • How is TBI run?
  • What are the TBI staff members responsible for?
  • What is the relationship of Committees to the Board?
  • What are the nominating and election procedures for Board members?
  • How do the Board and committees maintain accountability/transparency to the congregation?
  • Who do I talk to if I have a concern about something at TBI?
  • How does our structure reflect Reconstructionist values?

Welcome to TBI!

Temple Beth Israel is the Center for Jewish Life in Eugene, embracing traditional wisdom with contemporary insight.

We promote the spiritual, educational, and social well-being of our members, the Jewish people of Lane County, and the larger community.  TBI is a member of the Jewish Reconstructionist Communities and of the Community of Welcoming Congregations (CWC).

We welcome people of all Jewish backgrounds, interfaith families and people exploring Judaism.  Whether you are religious, cultural, atheist, agnostic or searching, there is a place for you at TBI!

Temple Beth Israel
1175 E. 29th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97403


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