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Much of TBI's official business and outreach to community members is facilitated through our committees. Below you will find a list of our committees in alphabetical order, including descriptions, contact information, and any current volunteer needs or news. Committees with their own pages have links below.

Email info @ tbieugene.org (remove spaces) for more information about committees or call the TBI office, 541.485.7218.

In alignment with the TBI core values the Accessibility Committee's mission is to make TBI an inclusive and accessible community and to promote positive disability culture within a Jewish framework.

For more information, please contact the Co-Chairs Patti Barkin and Susan Sygall

Arts & Aesthetics

The Art's & Aesthetics Committee is committed to the ongoing beautification of Temple Beth Israel. We showcase rotating exhibits in our gallery, facilitate decisions regarding the interior aesthetics of the synagogue, solicit and review donations and support ongoing arts programming.

Bikur Cholim (Visiting the Sick)

The Rabbis teach us that visiting a sick person removes 1/60th of his or her illness. One is obligated to visit family, friends and non-Jews whether they are in the hospital or at home. The goal of the Bikur Cholim Committee is to extend our care and concern when anyone in our community is ill.

Chevra Kadisha (Burial Society)
The Burial society ensures that Jewish community members are treated respectfully and appropriately before burial, and provides community support for families in their time of loss.

Community Education Committee
The Community Education Committee provides a range of exciting Jewish educational experiences for teens, adults, and the general community. Check out our Community Education page for a current schedule of classes.

Development Committee
The Development Committee works to secure TBI's long-range financial security, through systems for legacy and planned giving, revamped giving circles, and by fostering ongoing discussions within the community about Jewish values related to giving.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee oversees TBI's budget.

Grounds and Maintenance Committee
The committee assists with maintaining the TBI building and grounds. This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for those who enjoy jumping into action. Extensive skills are not necessary for many projects and time commitment varies greatly. To sign up for the committee or make yourself available for specific tasks, please contact Hap Ponedel.

Library Committee
Looking for a good book? The TBI library, located on the second floor across from the Talmud Torah office, is a great resource for those of you interested in checking out a book of fiction or non-fiction. The shelves are organized by topic making books easy to find. Here you will find some of the latest in Judaic materials. The library even has a comfortable chair if someone wants to spend time reading without checking something out. Monetary donations may be made to TBI's Library fund. Happy Reading!

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee seeks tangible ways to make TBI a welcoming and vibrant place for all those interested in learning more about TBI and Judaism. They strive to create ways for members to find connections to people who share their interests and provide opportunities for meaningful participation within the community.

The safety Committee works to ensure the safety and security our synagogue facilities, members and guests throughout the year. They also work on emergency preparedness for the congregation and the larger community. Chair: Scott Fellman. Contact: Alan Leiman 

Talmud Torah Advisory Committee
The Talmud Torah committee works collaboratively with the Head of School to support the mission of the Talmud Torah educational program at TBI. During the school year, we meet monthly to review a status report on the program, advise on policies and curriculum, and organize activities to foster a positive sense of Jewish identity and to increase knowledge of the values and practices of Judaism. We also report annually to the congregation on the status and needs of the school.

The committee is interested in hearing from parents and other members of the community. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas for the Talmud Torah program, feel free to contact the chair or any committee member (listed below).

Talmud Torah Committee Members:

Karrie Walters-Warren (Chair)

Joan Bayliss

Libby Bottero

Jessica Lambright 

Debbie Rose Libeskind

Matthew Streisfeld

Tefillah U'Minhag (Ritual and Practice)
The Tefillah U' Minhag committee is charged with overseeing the theory and practice of all matters relating to the ritual affairs of the synagogue. These involve the religious observances of Shabbat, of other holidays and festivals, and of any questions that are affected by religious practices at TBI.

Tikkun Olam 

Tikkun Olam (TO) is translated as “world repair,” and embodies a  Jewish concept defined by acts of kindness performed to heal and strengthen our world.  We often hear the phrase in   social or environmental policy contexts or in reference to planning, organizing, or acting to safeguard the disadvantaged, or to curb some injustice. The Tikkun Olam Committee (TOC) was formed to make it easier for congregants to connect with opportunities to practice Tikkun Olam.

Tzedakah V'Chesed
Provides support to those in need in the community.  

Email info @ tbieugene.org (remove spaces) for more information about committees or call the TBI office, 541.485.7218.

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