From the Rabbi
Here is the latest TW@TBI message from Rabbi Ruhi Sophia.


Get rid of chametz!

Yes, Passover prep can seem very complicated, if we go all out with the cleaning and sorting, let alone focus on any sort of spiritual work. But there is one relatively simple piece of Passover prep that many people don’t think to do. One of the traditional mitzvot of Passover is not be in possession of any chametz. It can be a powerful practice (and a meaningful act of tzedakah) to go through cabinets and donate unopened boxes of cereal or bags of flour, to downsize and simplify our food storage, as we prepare for the symbolic liberation journey. For open food, in practice, the tradition is that one can consolidate all of the chametz that remains in one’s home into one spot – say a particular cabinet, or a particular shelf in the freezer – and then deputize a communal leader (in this case, me) to sell that cabinet or shelf and all it contains to a non-Jewish community leader (in this case, Rev. Melanie Oommen of first Congregational Church). In doing this, we affirm trust and relationship with our current non-Jewish neighbors, even as we prepare to tell another story of our people suffering and escaping oppression. Additionally, getting rid of chametz can represent getting rid of the shmootz in our mental, emotional, and spiritual lives, a sort of “cleaning out” of our souls. It’s not too late – I will be delivering the chametz forms to Rev. Oommen tomorrow evening. And chag sameach!