JEWL Classes Spring 2019

These are the JEWL class offerings for the spring term of 2019.  Sign up opens at 9 am on Friday, 3/22.  There will be a live link from the Talmud Torah home page at that time. Class sign up is first come, first serve, as long as students are in the right age range and haven’t taken the class before. All students in grades 2-7 are encouraged to take at least one JEWL class each term.  All the JEWL class topics are intended to offer important elements of Jewish education, so even if you don’t get into your first choice, stretch your comfort zone and learn something new.  This term, any 6th and 7th graders who haven’t yet taken Lifecycle Rituals will be automatically enrolled in that class unless we hear otherwise. JEWL classes that don’t have 6 students are likely to be canceled, so please encourage your friends to sign up too!


w/ Fran Rosenthal
Wednesdays 5-5:45
grades 4-7

It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words. Well what about when the picture is made with words? Micrography, also called microcalligraphy, is a Jewish form of art developed in the 9th century. It uses very small Hebrew writing to form pictures, usually related to the topic of the words. There are examples of micrography in the siddur, but there are countless others to be seen online. Micrography can also be called concrete poetry. Students will see many examples of classic and contemporary micrography and then will choose or produce texts to pair with their own art.

Modern Hebrew through Pop Culture
w/ Noa Cohen
Wednesdays 5-5:45
grades 4-7

How does one translate “Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?” into Hebrew? By leaving out ham altogether and responding, “Don’t want it, not hungry” every time that Sam I Am offers the mystery meat! Students will enjoy Israeli pop culture from Dr. Suess translations to contemporary TV shows and pop music learning a little bit of Hebrew language and a lot of Israeli culture from a fluent modern Hebrew speaker.

Ketiva Kef: Fun with Writing
w/ Sarah Gill
Wednesdays 5-5:45
grades 2-4

It’s Writer’s Workshop, Talmud Torah style! Students will explore different Jewish themes and ideas each week using poetry, prose, drawing, and storytelling. They’ll go through the classic elementary school Writer’s Workshop process of brainstorming, drafting, editing, and publishing to create at least one finalized piece from Spring term and plenty of other creative work along the way.

Lifecycle Rituals
w/ Gretchen Lieberman and Sheri Konowitz
Wednesdays 5-5:45
grades 5-7

From birth to death and everything in between.  A big part of Judaism is marking life cycle events in meaningful ways. Students will experience a lifetime of rituals in just ten weeks of this short class in a very hands-on creative way. Be prepared to bond, connect, laugh, kvell, and grieve with each other in this short span of time.

Kavod Ha Teva: Respect Nature
 w/ Tracy Tessler
5 Sundays, 12:30-2 (4/7, 4/28, 5/5, 5/19, and 6/2)
grades 2-7

At Tu B’Shevat we learn of Honi the circlemaker who teaches us to think of future generations and plant trees. In Genesis we read that the world was created for to manage, and the Talmud makes that clear that means we are not to destroy it. Leviticus gives us plenty of rules for taking care of the land including giving our fields time to rest and not destroying the land, even when it belongs to our enemies.  And throughout all of the Tanakh and Jewish teaching we are instructed over and over again to be grateful for creation and that creation itself is grateful.  No better time to do that then in the spring! And no better place than outside!  Join Tracy on a series of nature and text explorations to connect Judaism with our love of the planet.