Election Resources and Activities

If you want to plug into ways to take action to defend democracy, or take comfort from the wisdom of Judaism, see the list below.

Global Day of Jewish Learning

Sunday, November 8

Thousands of Jews from hundreds of communities on six continents will study the Jewish value of human dignity together.

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At 2:00pm, join Rabbi Ruhi Sophia and other Reconstructionist Rabbis throughout the Pacific Northwest in a conversation about human dignity, via Zoom. Pre-registration is required

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Resources to Provide Comfort & Stability this Week

As we approach an unprecedented United States election, we seek to ground ourselves in a Torah of kindness and justice, hesed u-mishpat. We are sharing helpful resources that we hope will offer comfort and stability this week, to both ground us and uplift our souls, reminding us of our moral and spiritual obligations as humans and as Jews.

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Joey Weisenberg will perform Wednesday, November 4, at 1:00 pm Pacific time

He’ll perform as part of the Kennedy Center’s Arts Across America Series, a collaboration with Hadar’s Rising Song Institute and the National Museum of American Jewish History to showcase Jewish musicality from artists.

»  Find more information here, and livestream the concert here.

How to Beat an Election-Related Power Grab

November 1, November 5

Join one of the national workshops led by George Lakey. There’s a chance that a desperate Trump will respond to a narrow victory by Biden by declaring the election fraudulent, urging his base to support his continued Presidency. This training will share the most important things to know and practice in order to be ready for that possibility.

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Judaism, Citizenship and Democracy

Looking for passion, reason and insight in the last days leading up to Election Day? Add Hartman learning to your pre-election weekend. Their two-week symposium on Judaism, Citizenship & Democracy ended yesterday, and recordings of all sessions are now available to watch in one easy-to-find place. Check out these sessions and more on their website!

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Election Protection: Your 2020 Toolkit

One of our most important rights as Americans is the right to vote, and election officials have a duty to ensure that every eligible vote is counted. When election officials take the time to count and verify every ballot, that’s a sign that our democracy is working. We have to count every ballot that is cast – from members of the military who send in their vote from overseas, to people voting absentee because of coronavirus, to people waiting in long lines on Election Day.

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Facing the Election Before and After

Sundays, November 1 & 8, 12:00-1:30pm

Please join us for our 5th Annual Yoni Suher (z”l) Scholar-in-Residence program. There are two special sessions with a world-class Jewish Scholar and an award-winning journalist. Dr. Daniel Gordis and Amir Tibon will provide important Jewish context to the 2020 election. There are two sessions, and you will need to register for both.

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Hold the Line

Develop a contingency plan in case of civil unrest, militia presence orsimilar challenges, or election-related power grab (coup) on or in the aftermath ofelection day. There are actions we can take to defend democracy even if we are socialdistancing. There’s work to be done behind the scenes as well as on the ground. We canbe part of the solution if we have a plan & pre-identify our individual and our collectiverole. There are recommended actions and even inactions we can prepare to take/not take. Anon-partisan resource called Hold the Line is here to guide, organize and help.

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