High Holy Days 5782/2021

»  Almost all of our services are available on our public YouTube channel.

(And the link that takes you directly to the playlist for the High Holidays is here.)

»  The High Holiday Guide and full schedule can be found here.

»  The High Holiday Machzor can be found here.

GUESTS: We understand that, particularly in this time of physical distancing, connection to community is essential, and we welcome all who are interested in joining us for the upcoming High Holidays. Please make a donation to support our efforts to keep the Jewish community in Eugene/Springfield connected.

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Your Virtual Sukkot/Sh’mini Atzeret/Simhat Torah Box holds many resources to help you celebrate the festival. Choose what nurtures you. Listen, watch, or read. (September 20-29)

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Children’s services on Rosh Hashanah First Day (Sept. 7) and Yom Kippur (Sept. 16) will be on Zoom. Links will be emailed to you and will be in the e-news.

  • 9:00 am Children’s Service (up to age 5)
  • 10:00 am Children’s Service (6-10 years old)

Schedule of Services

Please note: For all in-person services and activities, if space is an issue, TBI members will be given priority.

Our YouTube channel is here.
(And the link that takes you directly to the playlist for the High Holidays is here.)

Saturday, August 28
8:30 pm Havdallah & S’lichot Service w/Rabbi Ruhi Sophia (Ohel & YouTube)

Monday, September 6
7:00 pm Erev Rosh Hashanah Service (YouTube)

Tuesday, September 7
9:00 am Children’s Service (up to age 5) (Zoom)
9:30 am Rosh Hashanah Service (YouTube)
10:00 am Children’s Service (6-10 years old) (Zoom)
3:00 pm Tashlich and Shofar Service (Alton Baker Park Shelter)
8:00 pm Rosh Hashanah Evening Service (Ohel & YouTube)

Wednesday, September 8
9:30 am Rosh Hashanah Second Day Service (Ohel & YouTube)

Sunday, September 12
Noon Memorial Service (Rest Haven Cemetery)

Wednesday, September 15
7:00 pm Erev Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre) Service (YouTube)

Thursday, September 16
9:00 am Children’s Service (up to age 5) (Zoom)
9:30 am Yom Kippur Morning Service w/Yizkor (YouTube)
10:00 am Children’s Service (6-10 years old) (Zoom)
5:30 pm Yom Kippur Mincha (YouTube)
7:00 pm Ne’ila Service (YouTube)

Tuesday, September 21
9:00 am Sukkot Service (Ohel)

Sunday, September 26
Noon Sukkah Hop (Pending Covid status)

Monday, September 27
9:00 am Hoshana Raba (Ohel)

Tuesday, September 28
9:00 am Sh’mini Atzeret Service (incl. Yizkor) (Ohel & YouTube)
7:00 pm Simchat Torah Celebration (Ohel & YouTube)

Wednesday, September 29
9:00 am Simchat Torah Service (Ohel)

Lulav & Etrog and Sukkah Booths for Sukkot

»  Reserve here

The lulav and etrog are also called the four species, Arbah Minim. They consist of etrog (citron), lulav (palm), hadas (myrtle), and aravah (willow). It is a mitzvah to take up the lulav and etrog and recite the appropriate blessing during Sukkot.

Lulav & Etrog are available from TBI. Please order by August 26.

This year we have Sukkah Booths available to rent ($45) for members of TBI who would like to put up a Sukkah. First come, first served.

If cost is prohibitive, please contact Nina and we will do our best to accommodate.

The TBI Sukkah will be set up in the parking lot and will be available by reservation.

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