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For information on High Holidays at TBI, please click here.

Psalms/Tehilim Project

If you’re feeling exhausted or dismayed by the news nowadays, and need a little spiritual solidarity, this may be just the thing for you. Rabbi Ruhi Sophia invites any and all of you to join her in a new Psalms/Tehilim Project, in conjunction with Congregation Beit Simchat Torah in New York City (where she worked from 2013-2015), which has launched this idea and will be our sister community in this project. Click here to learn more.

Mapping the High Holiday Services 

Thursday, August 23rd, 7:00 pm
(with Rabbi Ruhi)

Many of you have noticed that the services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are longer than on any other. If understanding the content of flow of the liturgy would help you sit (and stand and sit and stand again) through it, then this mapping of the structure of the High Holiday services is for you!


Lulav & Etrog will be available from TBI. Please order by August 27th. Price is $45.

We have 7 Succah booths to rent for $45. Please call first to ensure availability, then send a check to TBI or pay online.

TBI Members – Don’t Forget!

Please return your membership renewal form by June 30th!

Support TBI

We promote the spiritual, educational, and social well-being of our members, the Jewish people of Lane County, and the larger community.  TBI is a member of the Jewish Reconstructionist Communities and of the Community of Welcoming Congregations (CWC).

Shabbat in the Park

Friday, July 27th, 6:00 pm
Friday, August 24th, 6:00 pm

TBI is bringing music and worship to Alton Baker Park to give folks a chance to experience a short, fun service under the sky. Service begins at 6:00 pm, followed by a picnic supper. Bring a picnic supper for yourself and your family (vegetarian or fish OK, this is not a potluck), blankets, or lawn chairs.

Visit the Community Education Page for details on upcoming events including:  Reading with the Rabbi, lectures, films, and more.

 All Are Welcome

We welcome people of all Jewish backgrounds, interfaith families and people exploring Judaism.  Whether you are religious, cultural, atheist, agnostic or searching, there is a place for you at TBI!

Sign Language Interpretation

Some services and events have interpreters scheduled.   Please notify the office if you would like interpretation at additional upcoming services or events.

Membership at TBI

We welcome people of all financial means.

To find out more about the community, call us at (541) 485-7218 or complete an inquiry form here.

You are invited to join us for a Shabbat service, where you can meet our Rabbi and our warm and friendly congregation.

Online Oneg Sign Up

The TBI community relies on our members to periodically host an oneg Shabbat following Erev Shabbat services. Onegs provide members and visitors an opportunity to mingle and enjoy a nosh after services. Offering to host an oneg is a mitzvah, and your gift of time and effort are greatly appreciated. You can host in honor or in memory of a loved one, or simply to partake in the mitzvah. All instructions on hosting will be provided to you, as will reminders the week of your scheduled hosting date. For any questions, contact Jody  in the office.

Shabbat Lunch

TBI provides a light lunch following Shabbat morning when there is no B’Nai Mitzvah. Following kiddush and motzi, everyone is invited to stay for lunch. If you would like to sponsor a lunch in celebration of an occasion, to honor someone, or in memory of a loved one, please send in a check or donate online and select “Shabbat Lunch Fund”. Lunch sponsorships are a minimum of $100. Sign up to help with set-up and clean-up below. You don’t need to attend services to join for lunch.

Free Online Hebrew Learning

TBI is pleased to partner with Learn Hebrew Pod to offer FREE Online Hebrew Learning. Through this special partnership you can receive a FREE trial, and special pricing on additional courses.

Community Education

Visit the Community Education Page for details on upcoming events including: Reading with the Rabbi, lectures, films, and more.

Membership Policies

Temple Beth Israel is evaluating our membership policies using a Values Based decision making process. To learn more about this very important process, including how to get involved. Please visit the Membership Policy page. (logged-in members only) The task force is also looking for some feedback from the community. All can take a short survey here.

Divrei Torah & Torah Commentaries

Check out our Archive of divrei Torah here. Rabbi Ruhi Sophia’s most recent offering on Mattot-Masei and Black Lives Matter is now available.

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You can find the High Holiday services, The Purim Shpiel, This American Jewish Life talks by TBI members, and more. Full HD videos and live streaming where available.