The Sounds of Prayer at TBI

Whether you are a b’nai mitzvah student or just someone wanting to improve your Hebrew skills, you can find audio files below and on this shared google drive here that will help you learn our prayers. We are adding new files to the shared google drive, so you will find more things there, and that’s the recommended approach.  You can also easily download them from there as well. But here’s this also:

Birchot HaShachar (morning blessings)


Shema and Vahavta

The Completion of Prayer: Kaddish Titkabal

Friday Night (Erev Shabbat):

Shabbat Morning:


Guide to Chanting Torah: Torah Trope System


6th Grade Trope Practice Sentence 1.mp3


6th Grade Trope Practice Sentence 2.mp3

Guide to Chanting Haftarah: Haftarah Trope System