Interfaith Households Welcome Here!

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For decades, TBI has welcomed Interfaith families as part of our foundation and our heritage. We have reinvigorated this part of our congregation and community with the initiation of the Interfaith Committee. Whether you are part of an interfaith couple, family, or have interfaith friends in our community, please join us for our upcoming events. The Interfaith Committee is part of Rabbi Ruhi Sophia’s Project Aleinu initiative.

Temple Beth Israel welcomes and celebrates interfaith families as part of our diverse community. We have people with faith backgrounds other than Jewish, people exploring Judaism or of no faith background as part of our congregational family. We all come together for services, to study, to share in holiday celebrations and participate in lifecycle events. We believe that interfaith families enrich our community as we all can learn from each other’s unique experiences. Approximately 38% of our member households are interfaith.

Interfaith families are invited to become full participants and active members of TBI, and non-Jewish spouses are invited to serve on committees and participate in leadership. As a Reconstructionist synagogue we live our egalitarian values by embracing the participation of all types of families and partnerships.

Some people who experience our community make the choice to convert, and we have an active conversion group and support this process. However, for those who choose not to convert but who desire to be active members of our community, we welcome you and are grateful for your presence. Life is a journey, and we hope that each member of our community can find the place that feels right for them!

We are committed to making you feel welcome at TBI, and would love to connect with you. Please stop by for one of our services or programs, or contact us for more information.

Welcome to to the community!