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Welcome to the Temple Beth Israel Preschool Program! At TBI Preschool, the uniqueness of each child is valued and nurtured. Our mission is to provide a high-quality preschool experience where the discovery of learning is fostered through play and creativity. We infuse the curriculum with the celebration of Jewish holidays in a way that is inclusive and  respectful of all.

Note: The TBI Preschool is currently closed due to Covid. We’re taking names and contact information for when we reopen.  

Please contact us at 541.485-7218 x104  or Nina Korican (Executivel Director) for more information.

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TBI Preschool has been a part of the Eugene community since 1984. We value social development and provide many positive opportunities to improve skills.  We are conscious of gender issues and work toward creating non-sexist classrooms. We teach skills to help facilitate conflict resolution, and encourage respect for all.  Our goal is to offer families an exceptional early childhood experience for their young children.

TBI Preschool is committed to serving the needs of all families. Our school is open and welcoming to anyone who chooses to join us and we have no barriers for children with special needs to be included in the program. TBI Preschool does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, or political beliefs. We work to ensure that all who are associated with our program feel welcomed into the community.

Our wonderful teachers are well educated and dedicated to making each child’s day an enriching and satisfying experience. We are especially proud of the low teacher-child ratio we are able to maintain at TBI Preschool. Having enough teachers ensures that every child receives ample individual attention. Each classroom has 2 full-time teachers, along with a 5th “floater” teacher who teaches in both classrooms as the need arises. The Wee School classroom is capped at 14-16 children, and the Preschool classroom is capped at 16-18 children.

TBI Preschool is a program overseen by Temple Beth Israel. The Director of the Preschool and the Board of Directors of Temple Beth Israel run the school. We are certified through the state of Oregon Office of Child Care, and have been awarded a 5-star rating from Oregon’s Spark program. This program, formally known as the Quality Rating and Improvement System, raises the quality and consistency of early learning programs across the state by assigning each preschool a rating based on professional evaluation.

TBI Preschool complies with state regulations regarding certification, center management, personnel, physical settings, sanitation, food service, and care of children.

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Our Team

TBI Preschool has an amazing team of enthusiastic and experienced teachers! All our staff are First/CPR certified, have Food Handler’s cards, have taken the state training classes in childcare health and safety, and reporting child abuse and neglect, and engage in 24 hours of professional development each year. As defined by state statute, TBI Preschool staff members are mandatory reporters and are required by law to report any suspected abuse to Child Protective Services.


At TBI Preschool, we view all children as competent and capable learners in the context of working together as a group. That is, we believe that children develop through interacting and developing with others rather than on their own. We focus on building relationships based on mutual trust and respect, believing that children develop and learn best in this type of environment.

Independence and cooperation are important values at TBI Preschool. Children are strongly encouraged to find their own voice and be able to appropriately communicate and advocate for their unique needs. Adults model and teach conflict resolution skills so that children can learn how to work with others while still getting their own opinions and ideas heard.

We embrace a broad multicultural perspective at TBI Preschool. While we focus on Jewish holidays and celebrations, we welcome children and families from all cultural and religious backgrounds. Our desire is that every child and family feel accepted and a valued member of the TBI Preschool community.

Jewish Programming

TBI Preschool offers an opportunity for young children to discover the richness and joy of the Jewish heritage.  Each week, we make our own challah and join together for our Shabbat circle on Friday afternoon which includes blessings, songs and special Shabbat stories.  Children experience the fun and excitement of preparing for and celebrating all the major Jewish holidays, including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Hanukkah, Tu B’shevat, Purim, and Passover. They are also introduced to important Jewish values such as chesed (compassion), gemilut hasadim (acts of loving kindness) and tikkun olam (taking care of the world). Families are also invited to participate in our school-wide Passover Seder in the Spring.

At TBI Preschool, we celebrate secular holidays such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day, but do not celebrate Christmas and Easter. However, great respect and sensitivity are shown for all families and the Judaic program is always presented in a way that celebrates diversity.  We welcome all children and families, including Jewish and non-Jewish families into our program. We hope all will find the Jewish experience at TBI Preschool to be enriching.


Our curriculum is primarily play-based and open-ended. We believe that children learn best through exploration, and that they have an innate motivation to solve problems and understand the world around them. It is our  job as teachers to create environments that make learning meaningful for children to encourage this process of discovery. Our curriculum is guided by the goal to facilitate children’s desire to learn as well as to teach them how to learn.

Our curriculum is “emergent” and largely follows the interests of the children. Teachers develop theme-based activities but remain flexible when children express curiosity in a particular direction. Teachers devote a huge amount of time and energy getting to know each child individually so they can develop activities that meet the child where they are developmentally. The activities are designed to be age appropriate, and to facilitate growth in all areas (e.g., literacy and language, writing, fine and gross motor skills, basic concepts, self-care, and social emotional development).

Both classrooms follow a basic schedule that includes mixed-age free play for the first hour of the morning, after which classrooms separate into groups based on age. Each classroom has dedicated times for free play, group time, snack/lunch, toileting, circle, outside, and rest. The schedule is used as a guideline but can be flexible depending on the particulars of each school day. Every week a volunteer comes to read stories, as well as a children’s librarian who does a combination of music, movement and story reading. Special events and holiday celebrations that involve the whole school are scattered throughout the year.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to get involved at TBI Preschool! Any parent who is interested is welcome to join the Parent Association. Meetings are held approximately every 6 weeks. Meeting topics will be announced in advance, and every effort is made to allow for parents with differing schedules to attend. Meeting notes are disseminated after each meeting to keep all parents up to date on Parent Association decisions and events.

The Parent Association coordinates special events such as all-school snack parties, family potlucks, holiday events, special projects, and fundraisers. They maintain one of the bulletin boards in the hallway to keep everyone current on what they’re working on. Another important function of the Parent Association is to assist in giving feedback to the Director about important school policies.

Wee School

The Wee School serves children ages 30 months to 4 years. Children may enroll in the Wee School the Fall that they are 30 months. We do not enroll children in the Wee School or move them into the Preschool in the middle of the year. Wee Schoolers may attend school 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week. Children in the Wee School program may be picked up at 12:00 p.m. or 2:00 p.m. Parents of Wee Schoolers who start the program with a 12:00 p.m. pick up can choose to extend these hours to 2:00 any point during the year.

Wee Schoolers get a wide variety of experiences as they develop at TBI. Our experienced teachers nurture children to develop social skills and promote individual growth. Lots of outdoor play, large and fine motor activities and fantasy play help the Wee Schoolers grow and have a great time. Wee Schoolers do not need to be toilet trained at the time of enrollment, but parents do need to supply disposable diapers for their child while at school.


Children in the Preschool classroom are 4-5 years of age. If they have been attending the Wee School, they will move into the Preschool the Fall that they are 3 ½ to 4 years of age. This decision will be made by the TBI Preschool staff. Preschoolers can attend school 3, 4, or 5 days a week. Unless there are special circumstances, all children in the Preschool classroom stay until 2:00 p.m.

Preschoolers enter a classroom environment that is filled with stimulating activities to pique their natural curiosity. Our classroom focuses on building relationships and a sense of community that fosters independence and mutual respect. Activities are planned to allow children to discover knowledge on their own and develop skills across all important areas of development.

TBI preschool serves children until they are of age to transition to kindergarten. The cutoff date for this transition is turning 5 years of age prior to September 1. In general, TBI Preschool cannot accommodate children past this age. If a family is seeking an extra year of preschool, enrollment will be evaluated on an individual basis and will only be approved as space permits.

Program Hours

8:00 am to 9:00 am     Early Morning Care, drop-in available
9:00 am to 12:00 pm   Half-day Wee School Preschool Program
9:00 am to 3:00 pm     Full Day Program
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm     Extended Care, no drop-in

Supervised care is available from 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. on a drop-in basis. The charge for each time slot is $7/hour. Extended care from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. is only available for children enrolled from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 5 days/week (no drop-in available).


A school-year calendar is published at the beginning of school.  We close for most state holidays, as well as a few major Jewish holidays. Our winter and spring breaks align with those  of most public schools.. A month-to-month calendar is available on the TBI preschool website showing weekly activities, special events, and closures.

TBI Preschool runs from September through mid-June. Summer camp is offered based on parent interest year-to-year. Summer camp typically runs from the last week of June through the first week of August.

Parent Communication

Communication with parents happens on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Staff is available for quick check-ins every day during drop-off and pick-up. They are also available through email or texts (in the case of an emergency). The Director is in the building at most times and is always available for drop-in visits. You can also reach the Director by phone (541-345-7314) or email ( at any time.

Each classroom’s themes and activities are posted on a weekly basis, and emails from the teachers and Director highlighting the events of the past week and important administrative information is sent out every Sunday. Once a month, the Director writes a newsletter discussing different topics, such as important holidays coming up or relevant topics in early childhood development.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are held twice a year, typically in December and May. In addition to teachers sharing information about each child from classroom observations, it is an opportunity for parents to share concerns and ask questions about the classroom.

Food     Discipline and Guidance     Safety     Health


TBI Preschool is a vegetarian school. We do not eat meat chicken, meat, or shellfish to conform to the dietary laws of the synagogue. Children bring lunch to school and parents provide snack for the whole classroom approximately once a month. Our staff can monitor snack to accommodate children’s specific dietary needs (e.g., gluten free, allergies to nuts, dairy free, no eggs, etc.).

Discipline and Guidance

The core of TBI Preschool philosophy regarding discipline and guidance is that each child and each adult will be treated in a respectful manner. Mutual respect between adults and children provides the foundation for the development of positive social interaction skills. We expect both children and staff to foster an atmosphere that promotes safety, cooperation, and sensitivity towards others.

Even when all preventative measures have been put in place to encourage positive behavior, children will sometimes test the limits! Our response to inappropriate or negative behavior may include redirecting the child’s activity, ignoring attention seeking behavior, discussing the situation with the child, and/or using firm, clear and concise language to teach the child more positive ways to express themselves.

In situations when a child is having difficulty changing their behavior, and the above techniques have been unsuccessful, the staff will use a logical consequence. This may include removing the child from the situation for a brief period of time. The teacher would then explain to the child what is expected in order to rejoin the activity.

In the event that a problem behavior persists, the teachers will keep in close communication with the child’s family in order to develop a comprehensive plan to address the behavior. TBI Preschool will make every effort to support the child during this time. However, if the child’s behavior persists and endangers the safety of other children, or whose behavior is so disruptive that the teachers are unable to give appropriate attention to the other children in the program, TBI Preschool reserves the right to not allow the child to return to class. In this unlikely event, the enrollment deposit will be returned to the family and the childcare contract will be terminated immediately.

Aggressive behavior with an intent to harm another child is not allowed at TBI Preschool. This includes harming someone else either physically or verbally. Toy replicas of weapons such as guns and swords are not permitted at school. Teachers regularly check in with children to make sure play is voluntary and enjoyable. When there is a question as to the nature of the play, teachers will intervene and stop behavior that is crossing the line from age-appropriate play fighting to serious aggression.


At TBI, safety and security are our utmost concerns. Both the Preschool and the community are aware of potential risks and do everything we can to lessen any threats to our building. There is a TBI Safety Committee headed by a Eugene Police Officer, and we have periodic trainings on how to maintain a safe building.

Building Security
Entry of the school building is controlled by a locked/keypad system. Parents and regularly scheduled caregivers are given the code in the beginning of the school year to access the building.  This ensures that entry is available only to people with appropriate reason to be in the building. We answer the doorbell for visitors without the code. In addition to the locked/keypad system, TBI has 24-hour video surveillance. Each classroom door automatically locks in three directions (top, side, and bottom) in the case of a lock down emergency.

Emergency and Evacuation Procedures
TBI Preschool performs monthly fire drills and bi-monthlyearthquake and lock-down drills. We notify parents when a safety drill has taken place and typically  give children advanced notice of an upcoming drill. Evacuation locations are Camas Ridge Elementary Schoolon the north side of TBI, and the South Hills Rehabilitation Center on the south side of TBI.

We maintain an Emergency Contact list with all parents’ current contact information and  use the Remind app to notify parents of a drill or evacuation via text. In the event of an actual emergency, parents will be contacted immediately and instructed on where their children are and how to pick them up.

Walks and Field Trips
TBI Preschool does not take any field trips requiring public transportation or cars. However, classrooms do take walks around the neighborhood, most typically to Camas Ridge, Milton Park, or the Masonic Cemetery. Sometimes teachers will want to take trips to farther locations, such as University Park. On these occasions, extra chaperones accompany the classes on their trip.

Inclement Weather
TBI Preschool follows the recommendations of Eugene 4j School District when deciding to close for inclement weather. When the 4J school district closes due to inclement weather, TBI Preschool also closes. Similarly, when the 4J school district has a delayed start to the school day, TBI Preschool will also have the same late start. Parents can follow the Eugene 4j School closure notifications for this information. If TBI Preschool is closed, an email and text will be sent to parents as soon as possible. Because we can’t foresee or control inclement weather, financial reimbursements or changes in the school calendar will not be made.

Discharging Families
It is the intent of TBI Preschool to make every effort to support all children in our program. However, if any child’s safety is at risk due to another child, TBI Preschool reserves the right to terminate services at any time. This will be done on an individual basis and with ongoing discussion with the families.


Hand Washing
Hand washing is our #1 defense against illness. As part of the morning ritual, we ask that parents help their child wash their hands as soon as they put away their coat and lunchbox. We also have children wash their hands before eating and after using the toilet. In addition to handwashing, toys are sanitized, and dress-up clothes are washed monthly.

Children cannot  be at school if they show any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever greater than 100.5 degrees F under the arm over 101 degrees orally
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Complaints of severe pain
  • Stiff neck or headache with one or more other listed symptom
  • Skin or eye lesions or rashes that are severe, weeping, or pus-filled
  • Unusual yellow color to skin or eyes
  • Diarrhea (more than loose stool per day)
  • Brown/green drainage from nose with fever
  • Difficulty breathing or wheezing
  • Severe or persistent cough

If a child becomes ill during the day, they will stay in the Director’s office until someone is able to take them home. Children may return to school after they have been free of symptoms for 24 hours.

Prescription medicines and non-prescription medicines (e.g., Tylenol, sunscreen, etc.)  must be labeled with the child’s name with instructions and dosage. Parents must complete the necessary information on the Medication Authorization Form. All medications will be stored in a locked box away from children’s reach. Each day that the medication is required, parents must fill out and sign the medicine chart located in or near the kitchen of the child’s classroom.

Some allergies may require an allergy plan on file prior to program participation. TBI Preschool does not have EpiPens® on site for general emergency use. Staff is trained and prepared to administer child-specific EpiPens® for children with allergy plans when necessary and directed by paramedics.

Head lice are a potential problem in any school setting. TBI Preschool’s policy regarding head lice follows the recommendations by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. Students diagnosed with live head lice do not need to be sent home early from school; they can go home at the end of the day, be treated, and return to class after appropriate treatment has begun. If a child is found to have nits or head lice, all children will be checked, and parents will be notified.

We are required to report immunization information to the state each year. TBI Preschool had an immunization rate of 95% in the 2018-2019 school year.

An accident report chart is posted in each classroom, and all accidents that occur are recorded by classroom staff. This information includes the date, what happened, and treatment, if any. Every effort is made to inform you if your child has an accident. First aid kits and first responder kits are placed inside each classroom and on the playground and all staff are first aid/CPR certified.

TBI Preschool staff will apply sunscreen to children every 2 hours they are in the sun. Parents may send sunscreen from home. It must be labeled with the child’s first and last name. With parental permission, teachers will apply a school container of sunscreen. As per Office of Child Care regulations, sunscreen will be stored in a place away from children’s reach (e.g., a cabinet with a latch). In addition, children may not apply their own sunscreen at school.

Waitlist Prioritization
Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year. Applications will be reviewed in March prior to September entry. Applications will be processed in the following priority order:

  1. Returning Families
  2. Siblings of Returning Families
  3. TBI Members
  4. Community Families

Completed applications that are left after all spots have been filled will be placed on a waiting list and processed in the same order of priority. Our waiting list is fluid, with no traditional number assigned to an applicant. When a space becomes available, it will be offered first to the family from the highest priority group that has a completed application.

The following forms can be found on the TBI Preschool website.


The 9-12 and two-day option is only available for children in the Wee School. Children in the preschool must attend 9-3 at least 3 days/week. The 8-5 option is only available 5 days/week.

9:00am-12:00pm (monthly)     9:00am-3:00pm (monthly)          8:00-5:00pm (monthly

5 days/week                     $480                               $925                               $1,225
4 days/week                     $400                               $780                               x
3 days/week                     $310                               $615                               x
2 days per week               $215                               $405                               x

Sibling discounts are offered with a 5% reduction in tuition fees on the second enrolled child.  This does not apply to registration on any other unusual program fees.

Once you accept a spot at TBI Preschool, an enrollment deposit of $100 is required to hold your child’s spot until they begin attending school. This $100 is applied to the monthly payment in June of the following year. If your child continues at TBI, you may choose to apply this deposit to next year’s deposit. This $100 will be applied to the June payment when your child finishes TBI Preschool. If you choose to withdraw your child in the middle of the school year, this deposit will not be refunded.

Tuition is due on the first school day of the month. Monthly invoices for tuition will be placed in your child’s cubby as well as emailed to you. Payment is due monthly and there is no reduction for months with regularly scheduled vacations or for days missed due to illness.  June tuition is the only month that is prorated.

Parents can put their check inside the blue money box in the hallway or pay online. There is a “pay online button” on the monthly electronic invoice as well as the TBI Preschool website. If you have questions regarding billing, please email

The following fees apply to the 2019-2020 school year.

Registration Fee:   $50 at the beginning of your child’s first year ($25 for returning children)
Monthly Tuition:   Due the 1st of every month
Tuition Late Fee:   $25 for payments after the 10th of the month

The Office is Currently Closed due to Covid. Call or email for assistance.



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