To register for Fall 2017, download our registration form and return it to the TBI Preschool office.

TBI Preschool Summer Session

Lots of fun in the summertime!


We are so glad you are joining us for this super scientific session. Our plan, though always flexible, is to begin the day (at 9 AM) outside with some play before the weather gets too hot! We are providing a fairly substantial snack around 10:30 and then our lunch time will be around 12:30. If your child is being picked up at noon, there is no need to send a lunch.

We plan on lots of messy fun, so the extra clothes will probably get used. We appreciate your sending sunscreen for your child and we request that they come to camp with sunscreen already on. We will reapply on our second outside time.

We will experiment with Shabbat circle and see if we can’t have it at 11:30 on Fridays, to include those campers leaving at noon. This can also help if families are going out of town on early Friday afternoons.

It’s been quite a few years since we ran a summer camp, partly for financial reasons. Please make sure you have paid for the sessions you have registered for before camp starts.

Our summer staff includes Harumi, Yuka, and myself. There will always be two teachers with the children, keeping it at our ratio of 7 children:1 teacher. We will primarily be using the Weeschool room but have the emptied Preschool classrooms available for indoor large motor play and rest time.

Our first session promises to be super-fun and educational. We are geared up and ready for a wonderful summer camp experience at TBI Preschool!!

Another thing we are doing this session is interviewing candidates for the fall position. So far, we have several strong resumes and look forward to meeting these people. It is very helpful that we have the summer camp in session, so that we have a group of children and can observe each of the candidate’s interactions.

So far, the summer session has been great. Harumi provided wonderful science activities and we all learned a lot about basic scientific principles. She and Yuka have worked together beautifully and I believe everyone had a good time.

If this is your first session of camp, please send sunscreen with your child and put some on before they get here. We have had a sweet Shabbat circle that we are doing earlier in the morning to include hallah and juice as part of our morning snack. We are serving snack around 10:30 and eating lunch closer to 12:30. We are still doing a quiet rest time around 1:00, so stuffys are in order if your child likes to rest with one.


We loved the Temple Beth preschool. My son felt validated and respected for who he was as a human being. It’s been ten years since preschool and he still has strong relationships with friends he met there. Thank you, Temple Beth for helping create the foundation of who my son is today.

Michelle Andrea Chaves

Both our boys attended TBI Preschool. We recommend it wholeheartedly. Our children’s first friends, teachers and positive, play-based community experiences with learning happened here. As parents, we also felt invited into a supportive, extended community. One we continue to draw on years later. Thanks so much TBI Preschool!

Katharine Gallagher

Our 4 kids loved TBI Preschool & we highly recommend Carole and her wonderful staff. It was a wonderful balance of art, music, academics, friendship building, etc. etc. My kids still treasure their friendships they made there years ago.

JoAnn Drea Hoffman

TBI Preschool was a warm and nurturing place for our whole family. Our daughter learned a lot about how to navigate the world and relationships in a kind, compassionate and honest way.

Reisa Maddex

We tried TBI Preschool out during their summer program with my first born and loved the environment and the teaching staff. We continued on with their regular program and have come back with my second child. The facility is exceptional and so is the staff. My son feels so safe and welcome every day which eases my mind as a parent. They really do treat them as their own while giving them a great educational experience!

Erin Cooper

We love this preschool with it’s sunny, warm and airy classrooms and loving welcoming teachers. The curriculum is exactly appropriate for the age group. My daughter is now an exemplary elementary student who is eager to learn and it because of the wonderful teachers at TBI. We are not Jewish and about half the students there were not Jewish at the time. If anything having contact with another religion has made my family a better family. Shabbat on Friday was our favorite time, with families coming together to sing songs, eat Challah and make friends. I don’t think five stars rates TBI high enough.

A. Mahady

Our family will always be so grateful for the wonderful three years our youngest spent at TBI. He still, two years later, wants to stop by and say hello to his teachers every time we pass by. Can’t say enough about the beautiful space (open, full of lights, tons of space), the teachers, and the activities the children engage in. We will always be a TBI preschool family, even without preschoolers. I wholeheartedly believe TBI is the preschool in Eugene.

Sarah Swofford

My daughter attended TBI preschool for three years and we were pleased with every aspect of the program. The teachers were warm, welcoming and nurturing but also held the kids accountable to follow the rules and treat their peers with respect. There were many engaging learning activities everyday, and lots of free time for learning through play. Although it is a Jewish preschool, many non Jews who want a high quality program attended and I thought the director did an excellent job of being inclusive to students with various backgrounds while providing exposure to Jewish culture and holidays. Parents were always kept in the loop with what was going on in the classroom with a detailed weekly email, and generally communication was excellent whenever anything came up. The program also offered many opportunities for parents to connect and both my daughter and I developed friendships that have lasted beyond her graduation from preschool. It was truly a wonderful, enriching experience, and I can’t recommend it enough!

Jessica Lambright

I’m a graduate of TBI Preschool. I have a daughter who’s gone through the program and another daughter who’s currently in it. I cannot speak highly enough of this school! The teachers, the curriculum, the other families – this is truly a special place. Both of my girls love this school and as a parent, this brings me comfort and happiness.

Anni Katz

We sent both of our children to TBI preschool and were very very pleased with every aspect of the school, from teachers to activities and community. A really wonderful experience.

David Wacks

Our family was very happy to have both our kids go to TBI. It was special to be part of this preschool community with the teachers, director, and other parents. Our kids’ social development was nurtured and they had a great time with all the friends they made.

Cezanne Bauer

The teaching staff at TBI is so wonderful. My children were in both classrooms for 3 years each and we so value our experience here! They developed amazing social skills and the ability to get along in a classroom environment that has served them very well in elementary school. That, combined with knowing all letters, numbers and having great pre-reading skills and a love of learning when they graduated was priceless.

Shannon Hoell

“Carole and the teachers at TBI are absolutely wonderful! My son would always come home happy and enthusiastic about learning. As a former preschool teacher and former director of another program, my standards have always been incredibly high when choosing a program for my own kids. My husband and I didn’t think twice about enrolling our son at TBI. It is a quality program and has an exceptional staff!”

Anjali Smith

September Snack Party@TBI. We celebrated the start of school, the Jewish new year and our grandparents. We shared applesauce muffins, honey Chex mix, and dipped apples in honey!
We had so much fun, as we always do, with Rich Glauber and sang and moved our bodies.
We wish everyone a sweet new year!
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We had a great first day! The teachers toasted the new year the night before with dinner and a delicious milk shake!
This morning we had few tears and lots of fun. We loved seeing Wendy for some good story time.
We had indoor recess and will stay inside till the air quality improves.
We are off to a great start and still have room for some lucky little ones to join the fun!
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Let the cleaning begin. Closets are being organized, dishes and toys are being washed! Tomorrow it's carpet cleaning and then classroom set-ups! Looking forward to a great school year. ... See MoreSee Less

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At TBI Preschool, we have been providing high quality, developmentally-appropriate early childhood education since 1984. Over those years we have served hundreds of children. Our programs are committed to serving the needs of all families. Our school is open to anyone who chooses to join us and we have no barriers for children with special needs to be included in the program. We work to ensure that all who are associated with our program feel welcomed into the community.

Our program has earned a 5-star rating from the Teacher’s Research Institute QRIS/SPARKS program. This rating means we have demonstrated excellence in all the important domains to insure a quality early childhood environment. We are licensed by the State, pass all safety inspections and mandated requirements. We are proud of our reputation and have consistently worked to maintain those high standards.

We hope you learn a lot about our school by reading through this website. We encourage you to call or email with any questions or to schedule an appointment to visit.

Philosophy of the School

At TBI Preschool, our children enjoy a stimulating learning environment and a safe, nurturing atmosphere. Our talented, dedicated, and experienced teachers strive to ensure each day is filled with quality educational experiences and positive interactions.

Our program promotes growth and development through social, physical, emotional and cognitive experiences. We provide a caring and age appropriate atmosphere where each child can find an outlet for developing his or her unique personality. There are pre-academic activities built each day and support for accelerated learners. Each day children are encouraged to learn through art, music, movement, games, fantasy, and structured and unstructured play.

The school encourages independence, provides opportunities for relating to other children and adults, and offers interactive activities that are great learning experiences. Our curriculum embraces a broad multicultural perspective with a focus on Jewish holidays and celebrations. All this takes place in a safe environment that stresses both physical safety and emotional security.

We are conscious of gender issues and work toward creating non-sexist classrooms. War play and bullying behaviors are unkind and not allowed. We teach skills to help facilitate conflict resolution. We encourage respect and kindness in our own interactions and strive for clear communication among ourselves. We are committed to serving all children, regardless of physical or other disabilities.

We hope those connected with TBI Preschool find it sensitive, personal and caring. We are always open to feedback and encourage families to participate in creating the best possible school environment.

Important Food Facts at TBI

Children bring lunch and drink to school. Please send necessary utensils, straws and napkins, and a water bottle. Each classroom has a “hydration station” and children have access to water whenever they need it during the day. The best bottles are labeled and have a straw or sip cap, so that water does not spill easily. For sanitation reasons, we ask that you take home water bottles every day.

This a vegetarian school. It is requested that you send no meat to school to conform to the dietary laws of the synagogue. We discourage sending sweet desserts, as they become the focal point of the meal. Lunch is a great time for children to gain competency. Cut sandwiches and quartered fruits are easier for young children to handle. We have access to microwaves and can heat up leftover food sent in microwave-safe containers. We typically begin lunch between 10:45-11:00. It is our experience that children eat more of their food if they eat it earlier. Please make sure to provide balanced, nutritious lunches. 

Food Allergies

It is critically important that you notify us of any food allergies your child might have. We need to be aware of any dietary restrictions, so that we can help ensure your child’s health and safety while at TBI. We track snack intake in case an allergic reaction occurs. We are NOT a peanut-free school, so nut butters are good choices for lunch. We can, however, have a nut-free table in each classroom for children with sensitivities.

SNACK is served shortly before children go home. Parents provide snack on a rotating basis. A monthly snack calendar is given to those families that will bring snack that month. Note your child’s scheduled days. Help us by choosing healthy snacks. We have to serve at least 2 choices (fruit & grain or protein). Suggested foods are fruit, cut-up vegetables, or cheese and a box of crackers, pretzels or low sugar cookies. We serve water with the daily snack. A list of possible snack ideas is included in this handbook. If possible, we appreciate having the snack the day before so food prep can be handled easily. If your schedule does not allow for that, please make sure to bring it as early as possible on your child’s snack day. We serve the same snack to both groups. We feed 25-30 children per day.

Families who prefer not to shop for snack may pay $20 to have us do the shopping. We do request that you take care of this in the beginning of the month when you see your name on the snack calendar.

A list of snack suggestions, a calendar tracking snack foods served and other helpful information is posted on the snack bulletin board.

Classroom Options

WEESCHOOL: Ages 2.5 -3.5

Weeschoolers get a wide variety of experiences as they develop at TBI. Our experienced teachers nurture children to develop social skills and promote individual growth. Lots of outdoors play, large and fine motor activities and fantasy play help the Weeschoolers grow and have a great time.

Toilet training is not required but parents must supply disposable diapers, wipes and extra clothes.

PRESCHOOL: Ages 3.5 through 5 years

Preschoolers enter a classroom environment that is filled with lots of stimulating activities to pique their natural curiosity. Our classroom is “print-rich”, providing opportunities to develop a strong foundation for future academic skills. Self-esteem and strong socialization opportunities are mainstays of the program. Our gifted teachers ensure that all children are thriving and respected.

Moving up to the Preschool classroom is not automatic when a child becomes 3.5years old. It is a decision made by teachers, parents and Director. Consideration is given to what is best for each child and based on space available in the classroom.

Program Hours

School doors open at 8:00 AM

Supervised early morning care is available from 8:00-9:00 AM. This option is available without prior arrangement. We charge $3.00 for the hour, no matter what part of the hour you use. Teachers take attendance daily and usage in billed at the end of each term.

Program starts at 9:00 AM

Our morning starts at 9:00. It is easiest on children to come to school on time. This allows them to be involved in play from the start of the day and get settled in with the rest of the group.

Mini-option day ends at noon

For those who need a shorter day in order to accommodate naps, we now offer a mini-day that ends at noon.

Program ends at 2:00 PM

Your child feels most secure when you pick them up on time in the afternoon. We try to help children transition easily, both when they arrive and when they leave.

Curriculum and Daily Schedule

Although the age and child-teacher ratio differs slightly, both groups are involved in age-appropriate activities daily. Interaction between the classes is encouraged during designated times. Each class has separate times for circle, lunch, and toileting. Both groups have some time on the playground alone, and some time when we overlap. There are some special events, holiday celebrations and activities that involve the whole school.

Our classrooms are organized into learning and play centers. These include reading/writing/literacy, housekeeping/dramatic play, manipulative and puzzle science/sensory discovery, large motor and block building, art and circle areas. Both classrooms are open during the first hour of the day, increasing the variety of opportunities for fun and learning.

We have outdoor play every day possible and generally follow a “rain or shine” policy. Our daily routine is posted on the parent boards and a child-geared picture schedule is available in each classroom.

We use the schedule as a guideline, but find it best to be flexible depending on the particulars of each school day.
A weekly calendar will be posted describing the daily programming and informing you of any special events or activities. In addition, parents receive a weekly update on Sunday evening regarding the events of the coming week. A monthly snack calendar is posted. We track our snack menus so that parents are aware of what their children are eating.

Jewish Programming

In addition to the regular morning curriculum, TBI Preschool offers an opportunity for young children to discover the richness and joy of the Jewish heritage. Throughout the school year, children experience the fun and excitement of preparing for and celebrating the Jewish holidays. Each week, we make our own hallah and join together for our Shabbat circle. We sing songs and listen to special Shabbat stories. The Shabbat circle begins at 1:30 and we encourage all parents and families to join us.

TBI Preschool is not a religious school. Great respect and sensitivity is shown for all families and the Judaic program is always presented in a way that celebrates diversity. We encourage all families to share their own cultural traditions with the school. We welcome all children and families, including Jewish and non-Jewish families into our program and support all viewpoints. We hope all will find the TBI experience enriching.

Health Policies

It is critical that everyone follow the health policy guidelines. Help us have a healthy year!


For information on TBI's food policies, visit our "About" section.

Hand Washing is our Number One Defense Against Illness!

We do our best to prevent illness and promote health at TBI, but it is a collaborative effort between home and school. As part of the morning ritual, we have children wash hands before beginning play. Please help your child get into this habit by helping them do this as soon as they put away coat and lunchbox. We are conscientious about cleanliness and insist on hand washing before eating and after using the toilet.

Additional Safety Precautions:

  • All teachers have food handler’s cards and are aware of appropriate methods for handling food
  • All teachers are current in first aid and CPR training
  • Toys are sanitized and dress-up clothes are washed monthly

If children come to school obviously sick, we will ask the adult bringing the child to take them home. Children who become ill at school will be isolated (with supervision) and parents will be called.

Do not send your child to school if it is likely that we will need to contact you. Arrange for them to stay home if you have doubts about their ability to feel ok at school.

Children Must Be Kept Home:

  • For 24 hours after temperature is normal
  • With diarrhea or vomiting
  • With deep coughs or thick, green runny noses
  • With pinkeye or other contagious infections
  • On an unusually tired, cranky or listless day

IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP ALL CHILDREN HEALTHY. Sick children do not belong in a group setting!

It is important to notify the school AT ONCE if your child contracts a communicable disease. Children must be symptom free before returning to school.

Head lice are a potential problem in any school setting. Please note excessive head scratching and check for nits. If symptoms are observed at school, heads will be checked and infested children sent home. Children must be nit free before returning to school. 

If possible, get medication prescribed in dosages to avoid having your child to need medicine during the school day. If we must give medication, it must be in the original containers and parents must sign a medication consent form. We are required to report immunization information to the State each year. You must fill out the immunization form at the beginning of the school year.

Parents with concerns about the health and safety of children may contact the Office of Childcare in the State Department of Education. Teachers are mandatory child welfare reporters.

Discipline Policy

At TBI Preschool, we follow the STAR RULES:
Safety first;
Toys belong to everyone;
All play together;
Respect & kindness for everyone & everything.

These simple, logical and positively stated rules are learned by all children.  Having a clear understanding of the rules of the school helps children learn acceptable social behaviors.  Providing engaging and developmentally appropriate choices for children also minimizes discipline issues.

Our goal is to help children learn to be caring, sharing, safe and respectful.  If a situation arises when we feel that a child is not behaving in that manner, rather than 'punish' a child, we use the situation to teach them important life skills. Our first response is to stop the undesirable behavior.

We then talk individually with the children involved and about why the interaction wasn't appropriate.  We give them examples of what they could have done instead, and ask them to repeat the words we teach them to use.   Then we talk to the children together and teach them to 'use their words', and tell the other child what they felt.  Words like... 'Please stop that... I don't like that... I don't want to do that.... that hurt my feelings...can I have that when you're finished?' are good verbal tools to learn.  If a child has acted in a physical manner, we teach them to 'use their words, not their body'.

It is important for children to learn to work things out and communicate with each other.  Our role as teachers is to guide them and keep them safe.  Learning to work out a disagreement with another person is a skill for life.

Parents can reinforce these rules from home.  Let your child know that if they bring things from home, (which can cause problems) the expectation is that toys will be shared with all children.  Remind them about “all playing together” if they mention not wanting to play with some other child.  Continue to point out the need for respect and kindness towards everyone.

Time-outs are used only when a child needs to be removed in order to ensure the safety of all children.  At no time will any child be subjected to shaming or corporal punishment.  If there are discipline issues that require more attention, it is our goal to communicate with parents immediately and help work out ways to improve the situation.

We use a variety of visual aids to help children understand this complex dynamic. Among our tools, we provide “solution kits” and timers to teach children how to self-regulate their behaviors.  We are happy to share any resources with families and encourage parents to discuss concerns about particular behaviors.

Tuition Policies

Tuition is due monthly and there is no reduction for months with regularly scheduled vacations or for days missed due to illness. June tuition is the only month that is prorated to one-half month. There is a 5% discount for full yearly tuition paid in full in September. TBI Preschool has a yearly (9.5 months) tuition schedule.

Registration Policy

Children already enrolled in the school and their siblings have priority sign-up for the next school year. For returning students, a $25 non-refundable fee is required. For all new children, including siblings, there is a $50 fee. Sibling discounts are offered with a 5% reduction in tuition fees on the second child. This does not apply to registration on any other unusual program fees.

Members of Temple Beth Israel are given a month of priority enrollment following currently enrolled families. When priority enrollment is over, registration is given on a first-come first-served basis.

A $100 deposit is collected in September

This is a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT and not returned if you leave the school mid-year. This does apply towards your final June tuition payment and is rolled over from year to year, until your child graduates from TBI.

Tuition is due on the first school day of the month. After the 10th of the month, there is a $25 late fee charged.

A moneybox is out daily during the first week of each month. You can put your check in there and it will be handled by the Temple bookkeeper for deposit. If you have questions regarding billing or want to arrange for online payment, please email


If families need to make financial accommodations, there are ways to spread out payments. Please see the Director if you need some assistance figuring out a payment plan.

Early Morning Drop-In

No advanced notice is needed to use this option. We offer this to provide some flexibility for busy parents at the very reasonable fee of $3.00 per day for any portion of the hour from 8:00-9 A.M. Attendance is taken and charges for this program are tallied at the end of the term.

Day Drop-Ins

Available with prior arrangements $25.00/day Depending on space available, we welcome children already enrolled to drop in for a day. This DOES NEED TO BE PRE-ARRANGED so that we stay within our class ratios.

Vacation Policy

If you are away for more than one-half of full month (school vacations not included) a 2/3 tuition payment will reserve your space. Please inform us at least one month in advance.
There is no pro-rating for missed days or vacation days.

Please make sure you are timely with your payments. We appreciate your cooperation!