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Registration is now open for  Summer Session & Fall, download our registration form and return it to the TBI Preschool office. We will take names for a waiting list when all slots are full. Please contact the office for more information.

TBI Preschool Summer Session

Session 1 – Summer-ology (June 25–July 13*)
We’ll explore several favorite scientific areas paleontology, oceanology, and astronomy.
We’ll go back in time, go deep into the ocean, and look far out to the skies!
Special event – a visit from a scientist!

Session 2 – Song and Dance Camp (July 16—July 27)
What’s more fun than putting on a play?
We’ll cover every aspect of theatre life, from play writing and set design to choreography and acting!
Special event – putting on a play for our families!

Session 3 – It’s Wet and Muddy Time (July 30—August 10)
We all love to get dirty and wet, especially in the hottest days of summer.
We’ll have a mud pie bakery, explore the makings of mud, and see a potter in action!
Special event – a Water Party!

*Please note that this session is slightly longer; 2 weeks plus 2 days (closed 3 days for Independence Day)

Snacks Provided – Bring vegetarian lunch if staying till 2:00 pm
Non-refundable 50% deposit due June 1st
5% discount for all 3 sessions


TBI Preschool was founded in 1984 and grew out of a parent playgroup at Temple Beth Israel in Eugene Oregon. In 2008, we moved to the new home of Temple Beth Israel, located in a quiet South Eugene neighborhood. We are housed in this beautiful facility, which was designed to include spacious and child friendly classrooms and a lovely playground.   TBI Preschool operates under the auspices of the TBI board of directors.

Our mission is to create an atmosphere where children are exposed to enriched learning experiences in age appropriate ways.  We infuse the curriculum with the celebration of Jewish holidays in a way that is inclusive and respectful for all.  We value social development and provide many positive opportunities to improve skills.  We are conscious of gender issues and work toward creating non-sexist classrooms. War play and bullying behaviors are unkind and not allowed. We teach skills to help facilitate conflict resolution. We encourage respect for all.  We strive to offer families an exceptional early childhood experience for their young children.

We are committed to serving the needs of all families. Our school is open and welcoming to anyone who chooses to join us and we have no barriers for children with special needs to be included in the program. We work to ensure that all who are associated with our program feel welcomed into the community.

Our wonderful teachers are well educated and dedicated to making each child’s day an enriching and satisfying experience. We earned the highest rated 5-star designation on the SPARKS Scale and have consistently excelled in all licensing accreditation areas.

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Our Classrooms

We have two large classrooms, and although the groups are separate by age, the day is structured for free play during the first hour from 9-10.  This allows children to experience a wider variety of activities and interactions. It also allows children to arrive any time during that first hour without missing structured activities.  This helps families have a less stressful arrival at school.

The Weeschool is our space for children 2.5 through 3.5.  The class is set up to safely accommodate our youngest children.  There are areas to practice large and small motor skills, areas to experience fantasy play, block play and all types of creative arts. This classroom has child-sized toilets and low sinks. Children do not have to be toilet trained and parents provide diapering supplies for their own child.

The maximum child-teacher ratio in Weeschool is 7:1

Our Preschool is for children 3.5 through kindergarten age.  This spacious classroom allows for lots of enriching opportunities to learn and grow.  We have an active science section and on-going experiments. Large blocks, a comfy book corner, a writing table that is child directed, a Lego area, housekeeping and fantasy play and many sensory activities fill the space. A child appropriate bathroom is directly across from Preschool classroom.

The maximum child-teacher ratio in Preschool is 8:1

Attendance Options

Our goal is to provide flexibility for parents while remaining true to our principles of creating a great school environment.  Therefore, we offer Early Morning Care and make available to all an extra hour of supervised care from 8 am to 9, until the school day starts. There is no need to prearrange this and billing is done at the end of each term.

Weeschoolers may attend 2-5 days a week and may choose a flexible schedule if there is space available.  There is a short-day option with a 12-noon pick-up.  These children eat snack at school but do not bring a lunch. Weeschoolers may also enroll for the full day option of 9-2 pm and bring lunch and have a quiet time rest period after lunch.

Preschoolers may choose a part-time option of 3 or more days. We feel this group needs a minimum of 3 days for social continuity and to participate in on-going projects.  Preschoolers can make use of the short or full day options although most children stay till 2 pm.

We do not offer any extended day options.  Typically working parents use babysitters, nannies, friends or relatives to make the 2 pm pick-up time.  This is the same as the public- school day hours and although inconvenient for some families, it is in keeping with our mission to be an educational program and not a full-day day care program.

Food Facts @ TBI

Children bring lunch and drink to school and parents send necessary utensils, straws and napkins, and a water bottle. Each classroom has a “hydration station” and children have access to water whenever they need it during the day.  This a vegetarian school. It is requested that you send no meat to school to conform to the dietary practices of the synagogue. We discourage sending sweet desserts, as they become the focal point of the meal. Lunch is a great time for children to gain competency. Cut sandwiches and quartered fruits are easier for young children to handle. We have access to microwaves and can heat up leftover food sent in microwave-safe containers.

Please make sure to provide balanced, nutritious lunches. 

Food Allergies

It is critically important that you notify us of any food allergies your child might have. We need to be aware of any dietary restrictions, so that we can help ensure your child’s health and safety while at TBI. We track snack intake in case an allergic reaction occurs, and we can report what your child ate.

We are NOT a peanut-free school, so nut butters are good choices for lunch. We can, however, have a nut-free table in each classroom if we have children with sensitivities.


Parents provide snack on a rotating basis. A monthly snack calendar is given to those families that will bring snack that month. Note your child’s scheduled days. Help us by choosing healthy snacks. We serve at least 2 choices (fruit & grain or protein). Suggested foods are fruit, cut-up vegetables, or cheese and a box of crackers, pretzels or low sugar cookies. We serve water with the daily snack. A list of possible snack ideas is included in the parent handbook. We serve the same snack to both groups. We feed 25-30 children per day. Families who prefer not to shop for snack may pay $20 to have us do the shopping.  A list of snack suggestions, a snack tracking calendar and other helpful information is posted on the snack bulletin board.

Safety Measures

Like any other school, at TBI Preschool, safety and security are our utmost concerns.  Both the school and the community have taken measures to maximize safety.  There is a community safety committee who have put into place appropriate safety plans and procedures.

Entry to the building is controlled by a keypad given out to parents and other regularly scheduled caregivers.  The code works for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours prior to pick-up time.  Other than that, entry is restricted and there is a call box and security cameras that allow access to the building.

Each classroom is equipped with a “lockdown tool” in the unlikely situation of stranger danger.  The rooms can then be securely locked from the inside and there are additional black out curtains that can be used to completely secure the classroom.  We have been cited as one of the most secure childcare facilities in the county.

We have been trained in maintaining a safe building and proper procedures in the event of an unusual situation.  We also perform monthly fire drills and earthquake drills every other month.

Tuition Rates

Tuition rates are approved by the finance committee and the Board of Directors of Temple Beth Israel.

9:00 to 2:00 9:00 to Noon
5 days per week $600 $360
4 days per week $480 $288
3 days per week $360 $216
2 days per week $240 $144

To learn more about other yearly fees and our financial requirements, see the Tuition Agreement in under Policies and Procedures.

Curriculum and Daily Schedule

Although the age and child-teacher ratio differs slightly, both groups are involved in age-appropriate activities daily. Interaction between the classes is encouraged during designated times. Each class has separate times for circle, lunch, and toileting. Both groups have some time on the playground alone, and some time when we overlap. There are some special events, holiday celebrations and activities that involve the whole school.

Our classrooms are organized into learning and play centers. These include reading/writing/literacy, housekeeping/dramatic play, manipulative and puzzle science/sensory discovery, large motor and block building, art and circle areas. Both classrooms are open during the first hour of the day, increasing the variety of opportunities for fun and learning.

We are fortunate to have a volunteer book reader who comes in weekly and reads to both classes.  We also have a music specialist that comes in twice a month and does an all school music and movement class.

We have outdoor play every day possible and generally follow a “rain or shine” policy. Our daily routine is posted on the parent boards and a child-geared picture schedule is available in each classroom.  We use the schedule as a guideline, but find it best to be flexible depending on each school day.

Jewish Programming

In addition to the regular morning curriculum, TBI Preschool offers an opportunity for young children to discover the richness and joy of the Jewish heritage. Throughout the school year, children experience the fun and excitement of preparing for and celebrating the Jewish holidays. Each week, we make our own hallah and gather together for our Shabbat circle. We sing songs and listen to special Shabbat stories. The Shabbat circle begins at 1:30 and we encourage all parents and families to join us.

TBI Preschool is not a religious school. Great respect and sensitivity is shown for all families and the Judaic program is always presented in a way that celebrates diversity. We encourage all families to share their own cultural traditions with the school. We welcome all children and families, including Jewish and non-Jewish families into our program and support all viewpoints. We hope all will find the TBI experience enriching.

Parent Communication

Parents receive a weekly update on Sunday evening regarding both past and upcoming events.  We believe that children are most successful when parents are aware of the current activities and what children might need at school to fully participate. The TBI Weekly Reader is our way of keeping everyone informed.

Weekly signs are posted on the bulletin boards in the hall.  This includes our activities and often has important notices about any special events or school closures. There is also a Childcare Division Board, which posts all our legally required documents.

We have Parent-Teacher Conferences twice a year, before winter break and in June.  Teachers are always available for conversations with parent upon request.

Parent Socialization Opportunities

We invite parents at least 6 times during the school year to our Snack Parties.  This is an end of day event, when the children prepare the snack for parents and other significant adults in the child’s life.  We have a general social party so that adults can get to know each other better.

We also provide parents with a class roster so that families can more easily make contact for play dates or special events.

We have been using the STAR RULES at TBI for many years.  These clearly stated, logical and positive rules are the basis of our successful classroom environment.  Having a clear understanding of the rules of the school helps children learn acceptable social behaviors.  Providing engaging and developmentally appropriate choices for children also minimizes discipline issues.

Discipline Policy

At TBI Preschool, we follow the STAR RULES:
Safety first;
Toys belong to everyone;
All play together;
Respect & kindness for everyone & everything.

Our goal is to help children learn to be caring, sharing, safe and respectful.  If a situation arises when we feel that a child is not behaving in that manner, rather than ‘punish’ a child, we use the situation to teach them important life skills. Our first response is to stop the undesirable behavior.

We then talk individually with the children involved and about why the interaction wasn’t appropriate.  We give them examples of what they could have done instead, and ask them to repeat the words we teach them to use.   Then we talk to the children together and teach them to ‘use their words’, and tell the other child what they felt.  Words like… ‘Please stop that… I don’t like that… I don’t want to do that…. that hurt my feelings…can I have that when you’re finished?’ are good verbal tools to learn.  If a child has acted in a physical manner, we teach them to ‘use their words, not their body’.

It is important for children to learn to work things out and communicate with each other.  Our role as teachers is to guide them and keep them safe.  Learning to work out a disagreement with another person is a skill for life.

Parents can reinforce these rules from home.  Let your child know that if they bring things from home, (which can cause problems) the expectation is that toys will be shared with all children.  Remind them about “all playing together” if they mention not wanting to play with some other child.  Continue to point out the need for respect and kindness towards everyone.

Time-outs are used only when a child needs to be removed to ensure the safety of all children.  At no time will any child be subjected to shaming or corporal punishment.  If there are discipline issues that require more attention, it is our goal to communicate with parents immediately and help work out ways to improve the situation.

We use a variety of visual aids to help children understand this complex dynamic. Among our tools, we provide “solution kits” and timers to teach children how to self-regulate their behaviors.  We are happy to share any resources with families and encourage parents to discuss concerns about behavior issues.

We also partner with Early Childhood Cares, provider of free services for children who may need assistance with speech, physical or behavioral competencies.

Tuition Agreements



Tuition rates are approved by the finance committee and the Board of Directors of Temple Beth Israel.

9:00 to 2:00 9:00 to Noon
5 days per week $600 $360
4 days per week $480 $288
3 days per week $360 $216
2 days per week $240 $144

Tuition is due monthly and there is no reduction for months with regularly scheduled vacations or for days missed due to illness. June tuition is the only month that is prorated to one-half month. There is a 5% discount for full yearly tuition paid in full in September. TBI Preschool has a yearly (9.5 months) tuition schedule.  A tuition agreement is signed by each family.

I agree to pay the YEARLY TUITION, in full prior to the start of the year, or in payments due on the first school day of the month.  MONTHLY PAYMENTS are figured by averaging the yearly tuition and dividing it by 9.5 with full payments due from September through May and a half payment due in June.

My yearly tuition is $_________, and my monthly payment rate is $______.  I understand that monthly tuition payments are due whether or not my child attends school.

There are no exceptions for vacations (see vacation policy in parent handbook) or illness.

I understand that if my child uses the early morning option, I will be billed at the end of the month for those days.

I have paid a $100 deposit to TBI to hold my child’s spot.  This is a non-refundable deposit that is applied to the June monthly payment.  If my child is continuing on at TBI next year, I can choose to apply this deposit to next year’s deposit.  If I choose to withdraw my child from school during the year, I understand that I will lose my deposit.

I paid a non-refundable enrollment fee at the time I registered my child.  This fee of $50 for new students and $25 for returning students covers the costs of necessary paperwork and will not be returned.

I understand that payment is due on the 1st of the month and a late fee of $25 will be assessed if payment is not made during the first 10 days of each month.  If a tuition payment is delinquent longer than 30 days, you may be asked to withdraw your child from the school.

I agree to give sufficient written notice of 30 days before the withdrawal of my child from school.

I understand that the tuition is due for that 30-day period whether or not my child attends school.

There is a 5% discount for full yearly tuition paid in September.

Sibling discounts are offered with a 5% reduction in tuition fees on the second child.

Day Drop-Ins

Available with prior arrangements $30.00/day Depending on space available, we welcome children already enrolled to drop in for a day. This DOES NEED TO BE PRE-ARRANGED so that we stay within our class ratios.

Vacation Policy

If you are away for more than one-half of full month (school vacations not included) a 2/3 tuition payment will reserve your space. Please inform us at least one month in advance.
There is no pro-rating for missed days or vacation days.

Registration Procedure

Children already enrolled in the school and their siblings have priority sign-up for the next school year. For returning students, a $25 non-refundable fee is required. For all new children, including siblings, there is a $50 fee. Sibling discounts are offered with a 5% reduction in tuition fees on the second child. This does not apply to registration on any other unusual program fees.

Members of Temple Beth Israel are given a month of priority enrollment following currently enrolled families. When priority enrollment is over, registrations are accepted on a first-come first-served basis.  Waiting lists are also kept on this basis.

Children are required to be 2.5 years to enter.  However, we are open to children starting as soon as they are age appropriate.  There is no need to wait until the following school year.


Temple Beth Israel Preschool
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Preschool Office Hours:

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