Temple Beth Israel Board of Directors 2019

tbipresident @ tbieugene.org

Executive Officers
President – Jeff Kirtner
1st Vice-president – Jared Rubin
2nd Vice-president – Jody Seasonwein
Secretary – Bruce Kreitzberg
Treasurer – Amy Steckel
Past President – Mindy Schlossberg

Diane Baxter
Elliott Farren
Michael Griffel
Reisa Maddex
Geraldine Moreno-Black
Bella Moses (Youth Member Advisor)
Julee Raiskin
Aura Solomon
Tracy Tessler
Pearl Wolfe

If you have a concern or question and do not feel comfortable contacting a staff person, please contact one of the following:

TBI Board President, Jeff Kirtner
TBI 1st Vice President, Jared Rubin
Personnel Committee, Bill Nevell