TBI Board of Directors 2023

Executive Officers

Diane Baxter – President
Reisa Maddex – 1st Vice President
Caitlin Roberts – 2nd Vice President
Julee Raiskin – Secretary
Stefan Ostrach – Treasurer
Jared Rubin – Past President


Marlene Blum
Elliott Farren
Michael Griffel
Jacob Griffin
Rachel Kirtner
Eugene Luks
Ellen Scott
Eytan Turjeman
Zevariah Moses, Youth Member
Noah Menachemson, Youth Member Elect

If you have a concern or question and do not feel comfortable contacting a staff person, please contact one of the following. They are listed in the membership directory.

TBI Board President, Diane Baxter
TBI 1st Vice President, Reisa Maddex
Personnel Committee, Bill Nevell

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