JEWL Classes Fall 2021

These are the JEWL class offerings for the Fall Term of 2021, beginning Sunday, September 19th, 2021.

Sign-ups are live!  Please email to request the link to the JEWL Sign-Up Genius form.

Please note the grade level range and day of the week for each class.  All students in grades 2-7 are encouraged to take at least one JEWL class each term.  Students enrolled in the full Talmud Torah program may take multiple JEWL classes.  Any student may enroll in an individual “a la carte” JEWL class, whether their family is a TBI member or not.  All the JEWL class topics are intended to offer important elements of Jewish education, so we encourage you to stretch your comfort zone and learn something new.


Journey Through Israel – Air, Land, and Sea
w/Kristina Lahtinen
Wednesdays 5:10-5:55 pm
grades 2-5

Explore the Negev – Find out if the Dead Sea is really dead!   Join us for part one of a year-long adventure in which we will get to know the land through the animals, plants and ecosystems of Israel.


Basic Conversational Hebrew
w/Mina Wegner
Wednesdays 5:10-5:55 pm OR Sundays 12:30-1:15 pm
grades 4-7

We all know the meaning of “Shabbat shalom” and “todah raba” – in this class we will dive into learning simple conversational Hebrew greetings, wants, needs, verbs, foods, animals, and more! Knowing common words and phrases makes reading Torah and liturgy so much more understandable and fun. Recommended for soon-to-be b’nei mitzvah students, and for those who want to supercharge their Hebrew skills!


Heroes of the Holocaust 
w/Rob Stein
Wednesdays 5:10-5:55pm
grades 4-7

This class will  cover an overview of WWII and the causes of the Holocaust. We will learn about Jews and non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews including Hannah Senesch, Oskar Schindler, Sir  Nicholas Winton, Carl Lutz, Freddie Oversteegen, Miep Gies and Corrie ten Boom. We will learn about the amazing Anne Frank and her diary.  We will view videos, discuss midot (values) and read primary sources. If possible, we may be able to visit the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education in Portland.


Holiday Hoopla: Celebrations from Here to Israel
w/Shayna Meltzer
Sundays 12:30-1:15pm
grades 2-5

Ever wondered how the holidays you know and love are celebrated differently around the world?  In this class, we will take a closer look at how we celebrate Jewish and American holidays in the United States, and how they are similar or different to holidays celebrated in Israel.  Not only will we learn the details of various holidays, but we will also explore Israeli culture, traditions, and more. We will study new holidays each week as they correspond with our calendar, discovering them in-depth through fun projects and celebrations!