Jewish Opportunities for Teens and Young Adults

TBI is not endorsing or sponsoring any of the following programs.  We are just passing on information that might be interesting as we receive it. 

The Maimonides Scholars Program 

This two-week summer institute for high school students (11th and 12th graders) is hosted at Yale University. Students will read the great works of the Jewish and Western canons and wrestle with ancient and modern debates in a vibrant and pluralistic community of students from all around the world. There are courses for students with all levels of familiarity with Jewish text study—the only prerequisite is a hunger to learn.

Urban Kibbutz Social Change

Ameinu, in cooperation with Dror Israel, the largest urban kibbutz movement in Israel, is launching a new Israel program called  Urban Kibbutz Social Change.  The first cohort of the five-month program will begin in February, 2019 and is recognized by Masa Israel Journey.

Program highlights include:

  • Urban kibbutz living – An urban kibbutz is a community of different groups of young educators and activists living together in shared households. They function as a single financial unit, living ideals of equality and cooperation. Program participants will live in their own apartments and form their own temporary group within the larger urban kibbutz.
  • Volunteering – Options will include teaching English in a progressive high school run by the urban kibbutz members, working on the English version of a daily online newspaper which covers social, political and economic issues in Israel, running educational programs for English speaking visitors to the movement’s fruit orchards and more.
  • Haifa – Participants will live in Haifa, one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Israel. The city is a microcosm of all of Israel’s social issues: coexistence between Jews and Arabs; social and economic gaps; religious pluralism and more.
  • Hebrew study – Conversational Hebrew will be the focus of the special Ulpan program provided to participants.

Stand With Us High School Internship

One of the things heard from Jewish leaders across the spectrum is concern that Jewish high schoolers and college students are often not prepared to deal with the vitriolic, well-organized, and confusing anti-Israel speech that they will inevitably encounter during their college (or even high school) years. StandWithUs tackles that issue head on with an immersive Israel education internship.

They are seeking teen leaders who will be juniors or seniors next year to this program.  It costs nothing to participants, and StandWithUs invests heavily in the teens’ education and their success.

Started in 2012, the StandWithUs High School Internship Program is a high school leadership program that prepares students for the challenges they may face regarding Israel in college and in their communities. Students participate in a year long program that includes two national conferences, ongoing educational online workshops, and they receive guidance and funding to run programming in their high schools and youth groups. Students are encouraged to participate in positive campaigns that inspire their peers and educate people about Israel.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be prepared to comfortably take the reins of leadership the moment they start college and they will be automatically part of the StandWithUs alumni network. The alumni network will keep the students on track to continue their Israel advocacy efforts, provide them with new and exciting opportunities for advanced Israel advocacy, and funnel them into our college-level Israel advocacy program upon their entrance into college. Students will continue to receive support from StandWithUs throughout their college career and beyond.

You can read the details of the program, view a video, and nominate students via these links.

Tzedek America

Discover your passions and find your purpose. Explore the ideas and activities that excite you. Find out what being Jewish means to you. Spend the year with Tzedek America.

Tzedek America is a national, residential gap experience based in Los Angeles. We offer nine-month and semester-long programs for young adults, ages 18-20, the opportunity to grow and engage with the world before returning to academics.

Through national and international travel, social justice internships, adventure programming and shared responsibilities, you will learn valuable life skills and begin to see and experience firsthand the social, environmental and economic challenges facing the United States today.

The program teaches leadership, communication and confidence-building skills — lifelong learning tools that will help you build a successful and purposeful life while you work to make a better world. Jewish content is designed to give you the opportunity to explore and redefine your Jewish identity, both as an individual and as an American citizen.

Tzedek America seeks to engage with Jewish young adults who represent the diversity of the Jewish community, including Jews of all religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, national origins, racial and ethnic backgrounds, abilities and socioeconomic status.

Naomi Chazan Activism Fellowship. 
A 10-day trip to Israel and then a year of engagement back home for exceptional individuals between 21-35 who are passionate about equality, freedom, and social justice in Israel.

The program includes a 10-day trip from July 9-19, 2018 to Israel and the West Bank for a unique immersion in social change and activism on a variety of fronts. Alongside participants from the UK, Australia, and Canada, fellows will become part of a global network of young, progressive Jewish leaders and will connect with Israeli leaders on the ground.
The application deadline is Monday, March 19th.

The Givat Haviva International School (GHIS)

A Two-year Program in Israel leading to an International Baccalareate Diploma

Beginning in fall of 2018, Givat Haviva will enroll an inaugural class of fifty boarding school students, twenty-five international, and twenty-five Arab and Jewish Israeli students between the ages of 15 and 18. The main language of the school is English, and the school has International Baccalaureate status.

The idea is to build a community of new global leaders using the experience that we have gained at Givat Haviva over close to seventy years. Students need to be young people who want to be in an English-speaking international environment; who want to ‘change the world’; who can be leaders of tomorrow; and who seek an excellent academic program. The more diverse, the better.

Vision: To develop a vibrant and diverse community of learners who strive to achieve positive social impact and change towards a just and shared society and a peaceful world. Mission: GHIS seeks to develop a network of committed young leaders to work together towards a shared, sustainable and inclusive society in the Middle East and globally.